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Now that we are on the brink of the last month of 2020, it’s doesn’t seem like the year is already over. Now, generally one would say that when they’ve had full weeks of going this way and that way…..not when they’ve been stuck up on their houses for the majority of the year. The end of November brings a time of reflection and how we here at Savvy Coders have had a great year.

January ended a cohort where 3 students received jobs before they even graduated was a great start! It was also the start of a cohort that would experience lots of twists and turns. Starting face-to-face at the end of January, the first official cohort of 2020 was thrown a curveball when there was an unexpected change in instructors, and just went things started to settle down, they were forced to go virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. This opened up a whole other can of worms so-to-speak!

Savvy Coders jumped into action and quickly created a virtual plan on how they would carry out the rest of 2020. Zoom was chosen as the classroom of choice and was incorporated into our interview night and also our Demo Day that happens at the end of every cohort. Our instructors, teaching assistants and staff support never waivered during the entire year. Looking back, it was an easy transition to communicate via our laptops because it is a necessity for those who code.

January’s cohort ended strong in April, showing how someone can bust through obstacles and succeed when they want to learn something. April also brought on the first full virtual cohort. Students admitted that it was a little hard getting used to but they graduated 12 weeks later with flying colors. Several students from this cohort landed jobs quickly after they graduated!

June provided a powerful cohort that went through the 12 weeks strong, achieving yet another milestone in the midst of a pandemic! The majority of the students were interviewing before they officially graduated and some even received promotions in their current positions. Several of them have accepted jobs since graduating! It was during this time that we took a look at our curriculum and did some refining for the next cohort adding some new skills.

Our most recent graduated class was just as awesome! This was a huge class and 18 Savvy Coders mastered new skills resulting in 4 students either accepting new positions or promotions before Demo Day. Of the remaining students, 75% have been actively interviewing since their graduation and are expecting offers any day now.  Our last cohort of the year is showing just as much potential and can’t wait to see their capstone presentations come graduation in January 2021.

Every cohort has its twists and turns and each one never ceases to amaze us no matter what year they take place. This year, however, has been special because of COVID-19. There is much respect and admiration for every student who decides to embark on our intense 12-week coding boot camp and there is no exception for those that decided to learn new skills and/or start a new career in 2020 which hasn’t been the greatest for everybody.

We are truly grateful for 2020. It’s times like these that we are even more grateful to be apart of the start of something new for our students. While several start our cohort with experience, there are a good portion of them that start with no coding/computer experience. The ups and downs that are experienced can be hard but the feelings of overcoming that hidden error, finally understanding a hard topic or even seeing their finished capstones are wonderful and to be apart of and that is something that cannot be put into words.

Many, many people come through our doors and leave Savvy Coders. They come from all backgrounds with one thing in common: they want to better themselves. We have a great network of instructors, teaching assistants, career coaches, and mentors that bring a wealth of knowledge and support who are willing to do whatever they need to in order to see our students succeed. We are truly thankful for 2020 and its cohorts, the previous cohorts, and the cohorts to come. If you’ve been thinking about making a change, consider becoming a Savvy Coder! If the students of 2020 can make the leap to learn something new (not to mention virtually) in the middle of a pandemic, so can YOU! We look forward to meeting you soon; we’ve got preview classes coming up and the first cohort of 2021 starts in January.