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The opportunity to create a diverse workforce has always been here…. The optics right now, as someone said to me this week, are huge for companies to help create and embrace that workforce.  Let’s face it, we don’t have enough developers for all of the important work to be done.  By hiring a junior dev resource, you are helping one of the best tech communities in America by broadening and deepening it.  Yes, a junior hire takes mentorship, but isn’t that what we, as leaders, should be promoting every day?

The students that graduate from the small cohort, which is personally instructed by technologists at Savvy Coders, have a firm understanding of how to create a SPA with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  During the course, they gain an Agile certification, learn project planning with Trello, some UI/UX, and backend skills with Node/Express and Heroku.  They present their capstone projects to companies that attend Demo Day.  They talk about their projects confidently and take in constructive feedback on how to improve and keep moving forward with their websites.  There is often a student or two that is hired by a progressive company, right from what they see at Demo Day.

The graduates are ready to make a difference for YOUR company.  They will ask questions, they will challenge, and they will bring new perspectives.

I want to honor the determination and perseverance that these diverse students bring with their desire to improve themselves.  Savvy Coders provides an important portal to those that would not necessarily have one.  They can help fill a gap for your company and feel successful in the process.  In order to give the students the very best chance at employment after graduation, we introduce our students to employers and expect no fee in return.  I know that it takes a village…  I need your help.

When you look at the backlog of work and initiatives that remain a priority for 2020, would you consider bringing on a junior resource to integrate into your team?  Whether you have a development need or a support opportunity that they could step into, I guarantee you will feel great about the decision and so will they!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so that I can make an introduction to one of our recently graduated students – they are eager to talk with you!

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