Hello everybody!

So, it has been two weeks since our first cohort started of 2020 in St. Louis, Missouri and we are excited. We have a good group of students who are willing and ready to follow through in their decision to learn computer coding.

The first week was full of introductions and getting minds ready for the 12 week bootcamp ahead of each person. Students learned about how to write resumes geared toward the IT world in week one and how important LinkedIn is. They also were also informed on how important it was to privitize any Social Media accounts that aren’t necessiarily prime material for the eyes of future employers.

The “dreaded” capstone was also introduced and discussed. This is the project that students will have to produce as part of their graduation. This is a web application that solves a problem that will be functional (to a point) and able to be shown on Demo Day when local businesses come who are in need of new employees in their IT departments.

Their first section of Agile training was also done by dividing up into teams and creating cities. The instructor, along with some helpers, would then throw wrenches as to what they wanted and didn’t want causing the group to learn to communicate to achieve the ultimate acceptable product.  They were then given a link where they would do an online course outside of the cohort time and have one more class before certification is given.

JavaScript and program introductions have filled the 2nd week. The nights go by quick as the pace is rather fast. If students achieved their post work (lessons that were given before the cohort started) then that work along with the present information start to come together. Small breaks allow a quick breather and homework fills the limited free time outside of the classroom.

Students taking this cohort come from all different kinds of backgrounds. They are learning how to code to either enhance the skills they already have OR gain a brand new skill to change their career. They are seeing where project and time management is a good thing with this type of program and are excited to see what the future has in store for them as the next 10 weeks are in front of them.

Follow SavvyStories on social media – there are 4 students who will be recording their progress through the course via pictures, small videos and written word. This blog will be every couple of weeks, full of information about what the cohort is doing and how one can progress to success!

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