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In upper-level classes, you might interact with a Teacher’s Assistant, otherwise known as a TA. Their role is to help out the students in the class and also to help the teacher whether it be to grade papers, administer tests, or even teach a class or two.

Here at SavvyCoders, we have TAs that help with every cohort. They are previous students who have stood out in their own classes and have shown incredible potential. Of course, they also have the time to devote to helping out in the following cohort. They have a small group of students that they follow throughout the cohort, helping mentor and answer any questions. They also help teach classes throughout the 12-week session.

Cameron has been one of our TAs for the past 4 months, give or take. She started coding about a year ago and graduated from SavvyCoders in April of this year. After getting into a rut with her past profession, Cameron knew that it was time for a career change. When she found coding, it became clear that it was a good career choice because it challenged her. She was apart of the last face-to-face cohort before COVID so it was a little rough transitioning from in-person to virtual classes all of a sudden. Her future goals are to be able to find personal success in the computer coding profession while helping others to do the same.

She likes attending the classes with the different cohorts and providing additional support as needed. That is one thing that she likes about SavvyCoders in that the support never stops, even after you graduate. As a TA, Cameron likes to be able to explain things in different ways so students are able to understand difficult concepts.

The biggest struggle she sees students overcome in the 12-week course is confidence! She says that we all (students) make mistakes during this process and that it’s okay! A piece of advice she would give future students is to go ahead and take the leap; SavvyCoders has a team to support you along the way!