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Claire has already finished 10 weeks! Where is the time going?

Here is a record of her experiences!

Only two weeks left to go! TWO!

I’m really surprised at how things have come together at this point in the cohort. I was filled with dread and fear circa week one, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Huzzah!

Next Thursday we have mock interviews. Now, I figured mock interviews would be conducted by instructors and TAs to simulate what it’s like interviewing for an entry level dev position. Not so! We have people from five different local companies who will interview us each over Zoom. We get moved from one breakout room to the next and have 20 minutes with each interviewer. The mock interviews are basically a cross between speed dating and a job fair.

I’m really excited for this! It’s a great way for us to introduce ourselves to some of the people who will be attending demo day. I know the 20 minutes will fly by, but it’s long enough to make a good impression. I’m extremely grateful that Savvy Coders is presenting us with this opportunity.

Now let’s just hope it all goes well. Cross your fingers for us!