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Julie and Claire have already finished 2 weeks! Where is the time going?

Here is a record of their experiences!


In her book It’s Great to Suck at Something, Karen Rinaldi suggests that we should give ourselves the freedom to do poorly when we try something new. “The freedom of sucking at something can help you build resilience, embrace imperfection, and find joy in the pursuit rather than the goal.”

I knew with Savvy Coders I was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone. I looked at this bootcamp as an adventure, and I knew it would be my opportunity to… well… probably break something at some point along the way.

It didn’t take long! (Might as well get it out of the way early, right?!)

Last Thursday, I noticed that my terminal didn’t work like everyone else’s did, so I set about trying to fix it. I read a few articles, asked a tech-y friend, aaaaaaand as best I could tell, I broke it. So I dug deeper. I read some more instructions. And I ended up with two terminals.

I’m new at this coding stuff, but I’m not sure two terminals is really a thing. Uh oh.

Friday morning, I went to Savvy Coders’ Slack channel and waved a white flag. Literally. “I need help with my Terminal, please. I think I broke it. 🏳”

Within minutes, Savvy Coders to the rescue! One of the instructors, Matt, and I got on a Zoom together and he patiently walked me through all the steps to remove the second terminal and get the first one functioning normally. He makes this stuff look easy! It’s definitely not easy, but the Savvy Coders instructors and TAs are here to support students whenever we get stuck. Everyone at Savvy is so kind.

Leslie Odom, Jr. wrote in his book Failing Up about giving yourself the freedom to “fail spectacularly.” He says when you take the greatest risk, push yourself to your limit, you may find yourself in a moment that you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Savvy Coders is giving me opportunities to be a newbie, make mistakes, and learn new skills. I’m enjoying it and learning every step of the way. I will likely fail spectacularly along the way, and in doing that I’m building resilience. I know I have the support I need to eventually get it right. With the help of the Savvy Coders team, I am building a path to success.


Two down, ten to go! Week two went well! This week we continued to become accustomed to our dev environments, were formally introduced to JavaScript and were given tools to further develop our capstone projects. We also had our first curriculum review night on Thursday, which was awesome, and will be vital in the coming weeks. On Tuesday, one of our TA’s, Ryan, mentioned that his cohort didn’t ask for help early on in their course, which ultimately made things harder for them. That reeeaaalllly resonated with me. So much so, that I reached out to Steph to get feedback on my capstone idea, and I’m so glad I did. I have to remind myself that one of the main reasons why I applied to Savvy Coders is because of the benefits of a small class size– individual attention, increased participation and better communication with the instructors. It turns out that I’ll get out of these benefits what I put into them! Who’da thunk it??