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Julie and Claire have already finished 5 weeks! Where is the time going?

Here is a record of their experiences!


It’s week 5, y’all! I may be an outlier, but I came to Savvy Coders after already earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In school from the age of 3 until I was 25, I have had a lot of formal education. I have a background in the areas of communication and organizational training & development and even had a short stint as an education major.

Savvy Coders does something I’ve never seen before. And it’s brilliant.

We attend class Monday through Thursday evenings. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we usually have the same instructor. Occasionally, we have a different person who teaches us their area of expertise, but in general we have one main instructor for Monday through Wednesday.

On Thursdays, we have a completely different instructor. We get the same instructor every Thursday, but we only see him on Thursdays. Hmmm… that’s unusual.

Why? He’s our review instructor. We learn new concepts (so, so many new concepts!) all week long, and then on Thursdays our review instructor, Brandon, comes and reviews everything with us by teaching us from his perspective. He offers us the same ideas we’ve learned through the week, but he presents it all in a new way. Brandon is skilled in his craft, very familiar with the curriculum, and has a fresh set of eyes. Review night feels like talking coding with a super smart, chill friend.

This gives us a chance to think critically about what we’re learning, and to learn new ways to apply concepts and problem solve. Several students have mentioned how helpful it is to hear information presented by different people, and Savvy Coders gives us that opportunity with not only our main instructor and our group of TAs. We have several instructors here to help hone our skills, one of whom is the Thursday evening review instructor.

That’s groundbreaking.