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Claire has already finished 9 weeks! Where is the time going?

Here is a record of her experience!

Week nine is down which means we’re in the HOMESTRETCH.

I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d be feeling this confident at this point in the cohort. This cohort is only 12 weeks and the syllabus is jam-packed with information. Information that’s NEW to most of us. I didn’t think I’d even be able to conceptualize a working SPA at this point, but, here I am.

What’s gotten me through a lot has been my mantras:

Meet yourself where you’re at

Don’t lose your confidence

This is a work in progress

Practice makes permanent

And so on.

I wasted so much time during the first six weeks of this cohort FREAKING OUT about a finished product for demo day. And that was even after multiple instructors, TA’s, career coaches, etc. had told me my capstone needed to be presented as a work in progress, not the final product.

I spent so much time trying to talk myself out of my capstone idea that I wasn’t even thinking about what was good about it. It took until week NINE (this week!) for me to feel good about my capstone idea. Ridiculous!

Don’t be like me and waste valuable time and energy on negative thinking. It only makes learning difficult information that much more difficult.