Week 6 Has Started!


The St. Louis Cohort is so close to being half way done with our program and they are wondering where the time has gone. From learning about the ins and outs of JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3, they are also putting what they have learned to the test by working on their capstone projects.


Lastnight’s class helped some students figure out an issue with objects on their projects by learning about the FlexBox which helped a lot. There have definitely been ups, downs and everything inbetween but everyone is in good spirits and looking foward to what the end of the program will have in store. They have all come such a long way from where they started as we are very proud of them.


Below, you will see some quotes from various students in the cohort:


“…From calling an API to creating functions in the best way, I feel confident to create my capstone in the little time I have been in this program.”


“…Everything up until this point, no matter how basic, has felt like a challenge…I finally feel like I can move about my developer environment smoothly and efficiently. Less of my mental energy is being devotes to navigating my workspace, so I can focus more on the actual work…which is good, because I’ll need all the mental energy I can spare as we move foward!”


Biggest Weakness

For loops

Biggest Strength

The confidence that I have gained to use the little that I have learned to start my capstone project.

Something to remember

….When I struggle with new concepts, I know I’m not alone!


Have any questions?

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