What Is Scrum And Why Should You Care?
You may have seen or heard the terms Scrum, Scrum Master, Scrum Team, or Scrum Project Management. You may have wondered what the heck this means for you. Well, if you’re in the dynamic world of programming and project management, these terms may be terms that lead you to a valuable, high-paying job. Scrum Masters manage software development teams and projects. At the time of this blog creation, we found several hundred high-paying job listings for Scrum Project Managers in the St. Louis metro on popular job boards like Indeed, Career Builder, and more.

Ye Olde Scrum
The original definition and term Scrum comes from the man credited with creating the international sport of rugby in 1832, Englishman, Mr. William Webb Ellis. The original term Scrum referred to an ordered formation of rugby players who were engaged in restarting play and working as a team to gain possession of the ball.

Future Scrum
The modern-day term Scrum has now come to mean the practice and framework for Agile software development; with an emphasis on daily communications, “agile” or responsive reassessment of strategy, and iterative phases of work. The Scrum method has three core principles–transparency, analysis, and adaption. The modern definition was redefined and reinterpreted by two brilliant Japanese-born, American academics, authors, and professors, Ikujiro Nonaka, and Hirotaka Takeushi. Their ground-breaking concepts, first published in the January 1986 edition of “The Harvard Business Review,” redefined the rugby term to mean something entirely different. Their new definition derived from a concept and an observation–the Japanese concept of “ba,” a term that refers to a place where creative minds come together. And, finally, from their study of Toyota’s innovative approach to teamwork and problem-solving.

Avoid the Waterfall Or Sprint With Agility?
The waterfall methodology, a more traditional approach to software development product management, has been surpassed by the newer kid on the block–Agile. Both waterfall and agile methods have been around for decades. As with many things, both project management “styles” or schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Agile, however, continues to be adopted by more and more established enterprises and startups. Several recent studies found that 97% of American enterprises have adopted Agile Scrum methods and best practices. 

What Does Scrum Mean For Job Seekers?
Just take a walk in any tech or corporate workspace, and you very likely will witness teams engaged in a Scrum and led by a Scrum Master. In fact, right here at our workspace, we see teams engaged in Scrum methods every minute of the day. 

Savvy Coders’ Vivek Khattri Actually Wrote the Book on Agile
Our next blog installment will actually take excerpts from Savvy Coders‘ own Agile Master, Vivek Khattri. Khattri and his wife authored an excellent E-book entitled “Becoming a Scrum Master.”

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