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Coming into the 9th month of 2020, it’s time to take a look back at what the year has given us. Aside from all the negativity, let’s focus on the positives. Hope you have been able to take a step back and evaluate what’s important. Have you made any changes this year to help nurture a better you? Maybe spent more time with your family? Have you learned a new hobby? Have you realized that you are less stressed away from the office and then realized that it was probably time to evaluate the job you currently have?

At some point, everyone will wonder about the job they are at….a lot more people have probably been forced to do that this year with so much time on their hands. This evaluation, whether you know it or not, is a good thing to do. Depending on how long you’ve been in your current job, there’s a possibility that your goals or priorities have changed slightly. Is your job helping you achieve those goals? Does it align with your priorities? What makes you stressed the most in the position and can you fix it? Most importantly: do you see yourself with that company until retirement?

Some will come to the crossroads of staying or going for more education. Now, this brings on more questions and anxieties with colleges being online and having stringent rules for in-class gatherings, etc. How much will classes be? Do I have that much if I am not working? What can I do if I can’t work? What will I do once I graduate?


Now is the time to take that step of faith. Weight the pros and cons to figure out which route is the way to go. Remember to breathe….breathing is a good thing because you can’t do anything if you are hyperventilating and wondering what will jump out at you next. Will the change be hard? More than likely. Will I like the change? Probably not at first but in the end, you will be glad you did it.

If you find yourself at these crossroads, at least 7 months into COVID now, we have a question – have you thought about going into IT? If you’ve spent these last several months at home and have grown accustomed to it – there are IT positions, especially ones in coding, that are hiring remote workers. What could be better than working from home where all you have to worry about it making sure there aren’t any stains on the shirt you wear for the Zoom meeting and that your hair looks presentable!? 😉 Seriously though, if you are wanting a remote position that allows you to problem solve and work on some cool projects then becoming a Junior FullStack Developer might be your next cup of tea.

Next piece of news: you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the house for any classes! You can practice social distancing by staying but in your living room…or wherever you choose to be – and learning from our instructors and TAs over a 12 week period. It will be a jam-packed experience that you will never forget! You will learn so much and develop relationships with your fellow classmates and not physically see anybody. You will have all the support you need – even when you just need to vent! Oh, and that whole money situation? There are ways to get that taken care of.

Look what you’ve just read through! The answers to all the questions that have been going through your head….over and over and over again! You’re also reading this blog at a perfect time because our next class starts at the end of October and it’s our last one of the year so you would be able to start 2021 strong with a new career path! Speaking of that, we DO guide you in resume creation, LinkedIn account management, interviewing skills & LOTS of networking. Our recently-graduated cohort was interviewing before they even graduated!

What are you waiting for?! We’ve provided you with all your answers – now all you have to do is take that step of faith….you’ll be glad you did.