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UX Designer is another career path you can start after attending the ten-week boot camp at Savvy Coders. User Experience (UX) Designers job descriptions can vary from one company to another, quite possibly from one project to another. User Experience Designers are the voice of the user. They balance business goals while advocating for the users’ needs. This is accomplished by research, design, UX copy, validating and testing with the user, and selling/presenting the design solution to the business. At the junior or entry level of this job, you assist the Senior UX Designer in creating design rationale and specifications.


So what are the skills you should possess in order to be a UX Designer?


  • Knowledge of UX and UI (User Interface)
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop, Axure, Visio or Omnigraffle
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to do concept sketches, user flows and wire-framing
  • A strong portfolio that shows work across a range of clients
  • Experience with mobile and responsive design


It has to be noted that you need to be passionate about User Experience design. From the beginning, it’s up to you to identify what the user needs, their behaviors and goals. Identifying information about the industry, it’s competitors, standards, technical barriers, and opportunities is also part of your job as a designer. You’ll use this data to solve problems and connect with the user to improve accessibility, usability and in the end to make the user happy. Being able to interact with users and clients will help you identify problems when doing user testing and also enable you to see potential problems and present them well.


Savvy Coders can give you the foundation you need to get you into UX Design at the junior level by teaching HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, WEB API, jQuery, and JSON and Agile certification. These coding skills put you in the right spot to compete in the growing tech industry. You’ll be able to grow your portfolio by designing websites for a broad range of companies. It will show off not only your creativity but how you manage making the sites with the user in mind. A diverse portfolio can give you the edge you need to get that position starting your career in the technology industry. Our instructors work in the industry and know what skills you need to learn to be prepared to enter the job market. The class times and sizes were developed to accommodate a busy life so that you can attend in your free time. The teachers, assistants, mentors, and classmates are easily reached on Slack if you have any questions outside of class times. Our coding boot camp can be just the advantage you were looking for. Check out the website to get started today.


Pay for User Experience designers varies across the country and with experience. Average hourly wage in St. Louis for Junior UX Designers is $40.*


*According to ZipRecruiter as of February 20, 2019.

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