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The days seem to mesh together now or is it just me? There doesn’t seem to be much of an acclaimed “weekend” anymore because each day seems to be like the rest. Hopefully, during this quarantine, we have been able to sit back and think about what we are grateful for and what we actually “need” in life (fake v. true).

One thing that we here at Savvy Coders are grateful for is the ability to continue with our coding bootcamp. The current cohort has been going since April and is coming to the end of their classes. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were having orientation!

There have been obstacles, of course, but the class has pulled through them all and are on the downward slope, so-to-speak, toward graduation. Next week, they will have mock interviews and then DEMO day will be just around the corner.

Here are some thoughts from current students concerning their experience of virtual learning as a result of COVID-19.



They are doing great!


I just would like everyone to know that my time being a Savvy student with Savvy Coders has been awesome and everyone from staff [to] students has been a blessing. Even though COVID-19 has had a predominately negative impact on everyday life, Savvy Coders has adjusted well with the pandemic and has given us a unique advantage to [learning] by letting us work remotely.  All I can say is Thank You!

Martin (instructor)

I think they’ve done a great job handling the virtual classes. Students are continuing to participate in class and support each other.

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