In Demo Day Retrospective


Last week, our Spring 2019 Savvy Coders Cohort came to a close with Demo Day. Our graduates have come so far, and finally got to show off their capstones to employers. Thanks to all who attended!

Take a look at our graduates and their projects!

Zhana Liner

LinkedIn Github Project

Zhana is a Web Developer, visual artist, designer, 3D sculptor and research analyst with a professional background in visual arts. She enrolled in Savvy Coders to gain knowledge in web development so she can continue to build on her career in design and web development.

Nowell Gata

LinkedIn Github Project Portfolio

Having worked as an Executive Chef, the creation of amazing dishes and developing outstanding employees has been a huge motifavor for Nowell. However, that world does not allow for much time for family. He wants to get into tech because there are greater developmental and creative opportunities available that may allow him to be present for his family.

Daniel “Rusty” Hoppins

LinkedIn Github Project

Rusty has a background in retail and is wanting to change his career to a position in tecnology. He is a creator, he has never been able to stick to just one form of art, so when he was introduced to the Savvy Coder program, he was trhilled by the idea of being able to combine his love of art, design, and problem-solving into one career path. Savvy Coders has given him the foundation he needs to begin his career as a web developer.

Abby Kaemmerer

LinkedIn Github Project

Abby Kaemmerer graduated from Mizzou with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and the desire to work with animals. She has been a research technician in various laboratories since then and decided this field might not be for her. She has always had a knack for computers so after seeing a friend of hers complete a coding bootcamp, and fall in love with coding, she thought it might be something she would fall in love with too, and of course, she did!

La Marr Haynes

Github  Project

Connecting brands to consumers is the core of La Marr’s expertise with 20 years of sales, marketing and public relations experience. He has executed brand events, where his primary focus is to evaluate customer needs, and then develop creative event marketing ideas based upon these goals. Tech industry is actually booming, and expected to grow another 22-38% by 2020 which is where he wants to be.



Hunter Feltes

Github Project

Hunter is a dedicated professional with strong background in the education, social services, customer service. He has always had an interest in technology and with what he has learned in the Savvy Coders program he can take his career to the next level.


Quinn Wintz

Github Project

Quinn has always had an interest in technology and programming, but until recently didn’t have an opportunity to change careers and pursue it. Through the Savvy Coders program, Quinn now has a great foundation to begin their dream career in web development.

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