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Let’s be honest, COVID-19 is affecting all of us in one way or another. Those of us with kids are having to adjust to there be no physical school for the rest of the year and, for some, you have unfortunately lost your jobs as a result of the pandemic as well. There are lots of stressors right now!

Whether you are still working from home or have lost your job, something that is very important to keep doing is network. You do not want to cut yourself off from everyone you generally reach out to or communicate with just because you don’t see them in person every day/week. Just like a plant grows with sun and water, so do the relationships (both professional and professional) that we have established through what we are selling, services we are offering, or the fact that you have something in common.

How in the world do I still keep in touch?! You might be asking right now. Well, it’s simple: email or a quick phone call. You don’t necessarily have to make it about work if you know the person on a personal level. The fact that you are reaching out and checking on them will make a huge impact. It will show that you care about them as a person and not just because they give you a certain amount every so often for an item or service. Showing that your company is concerned about them shows that you are real and that goes a long way.

What about if I don’t have my job anymore? This is still a simple thing to do. For those contacts that you still/do have, look them up on LinkedIn and connect with them that way. React to their posts, comment on them, send private messages. The fact that you are still showing effort to keep in touch will keep your relationship open to something that might happen once everything starts to calm down and get back to “normal”. You never know when one of your contacts might have an opening become available and they might just reach out to you about it because you sent them a “Hi how’s it been going?” message or liked one of their articles about “x” topic.

LinkedIn isn’t just for your current network. Use this platform to build your network because that is key. The more people you can connect with, the better. Now, that doesn’t mean to go send connection requests to every Tom, Dick and Harry because that wouldn’t be rational and also, you could get put in LinkedIn jail for suspicion of spamming 🙂  You want to look for those that are working in the same field as you are, that have similar professional goals or that you think give out great advice! LinkedIn is a very useful tool!

Here is a post from Vivek Khattri’s LinkedIn ( on applying for positions and networking. He is our Agile Instructor here at SavvyCoders.

“Its been a pretty difficult last 2 weeks hearing about the job loss and hiring freezes for my friends and our students.

Here are 2 recommendations based on some experiments we ran with my friends.

👉🏼Call a friend to be your accountability partner. Or even better, find a friend who is looking for a role and book a 2-3 hours time-box to apply together. Put this time slot on your calendar. This will be way more fun than applying by yourself. Also, you significantly improve your chances of applying for 2-3 hours a day because let’s be honest, it sucks to apply for full-time roles.

👉🏼Second thing, network and build meaningful relationships in LinkedIn. There are many hiring managers, recruiters and leaders who are really trying to help out job-seekers. However, they don’t know that you are sincerely looking for opportunities. Please make it a point to get your story and resume out there and build genuine connections.

🔹Lastly, most of the tech roles are all remote jobs. That means suddenly you have access to jobs all around the country! You don’t have to apply for jobs just in your city.

Happy networking & applying!”