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One of the careers you can begin once you’ve graduated the ten-week boot camp at Savvy Coders is as a web developer. We use websites every day. At our jobs to order groceries or takeout, stream television and movies, refill our prescriptions and even to buy clothing. All of these things are done using websites and apps designed by web developers. To understand what skills are needed to create these let’s look at what a web developer does.


Web developers build and maintain websites that we use every day. When a developer builds a website they have to include what their client wants while also thinking about how the client’s customer will use the site. It’s the web developers job to combine these elements into a website that the client loves and that their customers can use to get information or make purchases from the clients business.


A web developer adds the look or style of the website. The website design files into raw HTML (hypertext markup language), JavaScript (JS) and CSS (cascading style sheets) code. It covers the basic website design and layout, images, content, buttons, navigation, and internal links. Knowledge and experience working with a version control software platform (e.g. Git, Subversion, Mercurial) is also

a must. What you get in the end, is code that gives the website front-end structure that’s used by back-end developers to add business logics and connect databases and processes. Web developers also maintain the functionality, the operations that can be run on the site. This includes making sure that it functions on all web browsers and is mobile responsive, your website has to look as good on mobile phones and tablets as it does when your sitting in front of a desk computer or laptop. Web development more often requires you to work with a team of people if you work for a company. Communication and coordination with your team will help you meet your client’s needs. Being a team player is essential in this area of tech, it’s one of the soft skills that prospective employers look for to see if you will be a good fit with their current employees.

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Savvy Coders can give you the foundation you need to get you into web development at the entry level by teaching you web programming languages HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS 3, WEB API, jQuery, and JSON and Agile certification. These coding skills put you in the right spot to compete in the growing tech industry or to work as a freelancer in the field. Our instructors work in the industry and know what skills you need to learn to be prepared to enter the job market. The class times and sizes were developed to accommodate a busy life so that you can attend in your free time. The teachers, assistants, mentors, and classmates are easily reached on Slack if you have any questions outside of class times.


Pay for web developers varies across the country and with experience. The median income for web developers in the St. Louis area is $49,968 according to


* data as of February 24, 2019, in US currency.


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