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demo dayAt Savvy Coders, we don’t just offer instruction. We also help you take the next steps toward employment by hosting what we call “Demo Day.” At this event, graduates show off their custom-designed websites and résumés to potential employers. Let’s take an inside look at our most recent event, which took place on March 29th …

Savvy Grads Develop and Present Their Unique Projects to the Public

Savvy Coder graduates use HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to create a unique website. These sites are on full display at each Demo Day event. The graduates are there to describe their design inspiration and tell what they learned through Savvy’s robust instruction.

The projects on display this past March were varied and impressive! Developing sites ranging from personal blogs to graphic design projects, each graduate put his or her own spin on the work. As a result, their sites reflected not only the skills these graduates acquired through Savvy Coders training, but also the developers’ personalities, passions, and dreams.

Savvy Coders is unique among coding boot camps in that they give graduates a platform to show off their skills and take the next steps toward employment. There were several local business leaders in attendance, and Savvy Coder grads were able to hand out résumés and make a wonderful first impression.

Listen to What These Grads Had to Say about Savvy Coders

demo dayMatt Ricehouse came into the program knowing less than he thought he did. He soon realized how much Savvy could help him grow. The classes gave him, in his words, “everything we need to know, and more.” He appreciates the opportunity to stay in touch with his instructors and fellow students on Slack. Noting that the program gave him more confidence, Matt is now interested in freelancing and learning even more about web development.

Tony Bush was already a self-taught graphic designer with a love of technology. He says that Savvy “leap-frogged me in my learning.” Tony went into the program wanting  more knowledge to achieve his graphic design goals and gain an audience. While he had some understanding, Savvy Coders helped him feel much more confident.

Jeffrey Williams is using his newly-acquired skills to create a site for aspiring doctors and residents at Saint Louis University. He’s also interested in becoming a blockchain/bitcoin developer. He enjoyed Savvy Coder’s detailed instruction, saying that there was plenty of interaction and in-depth group projects, all of which helped him grow as a developer.

Celia Bourrage recommends Savvy “100%” calling it “amazing” with instructors and classmates that were very helpful to her. She had a sample page and portfolio to show off at Demo Day. She’s most proud of the software development skills she gained. She hopes to become a junior, then senior, web developer.

Jasmine White is a designer working to establish her brand. She says, “with coding you always have things to learn.” Jasmine was always into computers as a child, and she began learning to code that way. She’s really appreciated Savvy’s help as she figures out her design niche and develops a website.

Zoey Snyder also loves web design and has done print media as well. Zoey says there’s so much potential in learning to code and looks forward to putting this new knowledge to good use.

At Savvy Coders, Graduates Gain the Skills They Need … and Show Them Off to Potential Employers, Too!

Savvy instructors teach students how to structure, build, and style web pages using the most widely-used programming tools available. With this strong base, students can take their coding skills to the next level.

Savvy Coders helps students launch their new sites, and then goes further, helping place graduates in internships and giving them a platform to launch a new career. Savvy’s Demo Day is truly one of a kind … after all, where else do job leads come to you!

If you are interested in taking a JavaScript Crash Course, attending an upcoming boot camp, or simply learning more, let us know! We’re happy to help you get started.

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