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Jeff Kratschmer

Jeff Kratschmer is Director of User Experience Design, Home Delivery, and Member Experience at Express Scripts. He has 20 years of experience in digital design and multimedia product development, including specialties in user experience (UX), prototyping, web strategy and analysis, social media, and mobile web design. Jeff’s team is growing, and I asked him about what he looks for when hiring coders and designers:

What demand do you see in the market for professionals to have some basic programming ability?
I think it’s important from the perspective of having a knowledge base. I have two schools of thought–I think it’s great that a designer can program their own stuff, it helps with design thinking to know how it will be built. On the other hand I don’t want that to hinder the design.

What type of professionals do you have the hardest time finding and hiring?
Quality digital designers. Here’s what I mean, it’s a plus that they can code, but I see a lot of very young people without a lot of experience, who might be mostly digital, but I can grow them. I see a lot of seasoned designers with a mostly print background that think they can do digital. Most still think in print terms in a lot of ways, and it’s not the same thing.

Who is your ideal employee?
Somebody that is not a baby bird. Somebody that can take direction, but doesn’t need me to keep hovering. Someone who can take it and run with it, fail quick and we can fix it. Not someone needs constant feedback. Entrepreneurial.

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