Corporate Training Programs

Do you want a more tech-savvy workforce?

Have you ever considered how your training programs could better meet the needs of your employees?

Savvy Coders Corporate Training gives your employees an opportunity for specialized classes, taught in house.

Instead of outsourcing your technology needs or hiring temporary workers, invest in your current employees! Give them the skills, and the confidence, to do more than they thought possible. Here’s how …

Corporate training with Savvy Coders is a flexible and cost-effective way to foster professional development in technology. We customize classes to fit your unique business needs, offering anything from robust 2-day seminars to our traditional 60-hour course. Classes can be structured during the day, as a series of lunch and learns, or even in the evening. We pride ourselves on flexibility and work with you to create the best solution for your company. If you have a conference room, computers and access to the internet, we have instructors that can provide top-notch technical training to your staff.

We Can Create Custom Courses In

If you’re interested in keeping up with your competitors, providing meaningful professional development to your employees, and encouraging a tech-savvy workplace, then Savvy Coders is the perfect solution for you!

Are you ready to empower your team? Contact us to learn more about the options available!