DevOps Training Programs

Looking For Ways To Make Your Team More Agile?

In business today, the name of the game is speed and efficiency. As companies work to become more agile to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, more and more managers are looking for employees with valuable DevOps training.

How Can DevOps Training Help Your Business?

In general, DevOps increases an organization’s ability to develop and execute applications through better internal collaboration. Given the increased interdependence of  software developers and information technology professionals, DevOps is a software development method that helps to strengthen the communication and collaboration between these two business segments.

The DevOps training course, through Savvy Coders, is a completely customized curriculum based on your companies unique needs. It teaches the tools and skills that make true and effective collaboration within your operation possible. Savvy Coders instructors have real world experience and can teach the blend of collaboration, automation, cultural tools and real-world applications to make our DevOps training a program that can immediately offer positive impact to your team. Learn how Savvy Coders can help your team in just three days.

Sample Syllabus

Day One

  • How we got here
    • A Foundation of Agility
    • DevOps history
  • Making DevOps Culturally Possible
    • One Team
    • You Build It, You Run It
    • Self Service

Day Two

  • Making DevOps Technically Possible
    • Virtual Automated Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure-As-Code
    • Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment
    • Deployment Pipeline
    • Aggressive Monitoring

Day Three

  • Site Reliability Engineering

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