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Is coding right for me?
Here at SavvyCoders, we believe that anyone can learn to code! If you have the willingness to learn something new or if you like to problem solve and are diligent, we can help you succeed in your new chosen career!
What is the Admissions process?
First, you will fill out the application here on our website. Next, someone from SavvyCoders will contact you for a one-on-one interview where start times, payments, etc will be discussed. We require an application for acceptance for two really important reasons. First: we want to make sure that everyone that attends our school has the right aptitude for our classes. We want all of our graduates to be ready for success and our application process is geared to gauge the student's ability to thrive in our program. Second: we also need to ensure that our class sizes stay small so our instructors have time for one-on-one interaction.
How much does the course cost?
We ask that you please contact our office for this information because we have several payment options that we would like to discuss with you at the same time. You can view our Refund Policy 
Are there any scholarships available?
How long is your bootcamp?
12 Weeks
What prior knowledge do I need?
There will be pre-requisite classes that are free to the students that will need to be completed prior to class start. These will be emailed to you. We are an introductory coding boot camp designed to help total novices gear up and get ready to code. We cover the basics for those with little to no coding knowledge whatsoever. We also work as a refresher course for those with more experience but for whom coding has become a lost skill.
What equipment will I need to start?
You need a laptop that's able to run a modern browser. It can be Mac, Linux, or Windows... just no Chromebooks, please.
What does a typical class look like?
Classes are currently being held via Zoom. You will have your environment set up with accounts on different sites that will be accessed throughout the class. The instructor will review previous lessons and then present new material. Classtime is filled with activities to reinforce what is being learned as well as different projects that the class works on as a whole. There are breaks given so that you are not sitting too long. Communication outside of class is done through email and the class Slack channel.
Is there tutoring available?
We do not offer direct tutoring but you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and be assigned a TA that will help you throughout the course.
Is there a project I have to do or a test?
Yes - you will be working on a capstone project that will show off your working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 and how to incorporate everything into a Single Page Application (SPA).
What do I receive from SavvyCoders when I graduate?
You will receive a certificate of completion and an understanding of JavaScript along with a portfolio to highlight said knowledge that you can utilize in any interview.
Do you offer corporate training?
Yes, we do offer courses that can be specifically tailored for your workgroup.  Please reach out to Elaine Queathem at [email protected].