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Software Developers are in high demand and there aren’t enough coders to meet industry demand. Savvy Coders can teach you the skills that employers want and need right now. 

At Savvy Coders, we believe that coding is the indispensable skill of the 21st century.  We strive to enable people to take a bold step toward a better-career and a more empowered  future. That’s why we offer local coding boot camps that teach you exactly what you need to know — in a hands-on learning environment. If you want to learn software development and land a great job, Savvy Coders can help you achieve your goals.

Not everyone is looking to become a software engineer, but most of us are interested in gaining skills that will give us tools we need to dictate our own future, both personally and professionally. Whether you’re new to the job market, or interested in changing careers; Savvy Coders can help you get a leg up in the Nashville local job market and beyond. We often work with those who are interested in advancing themselves with a new, in-demand skill.

With Savvy Coders, you can learn the basics of software development in just 12 weeks of hands-on instruction. Through in-person classes led by experienced instructors, you’ll learn how to build a portfolio of web-based projects. You’ll also become proficient in these fundamental skills:

  • Basic Markdown
  • Interacting with the DOM
  • HTML5 Tags and Structure
  • CSS3 Styling
  • Version Control With Git and Github
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Agile Certification
  • Firebase
  • UX/UI

Do you want to keep your day job? No problem. Classes are held at night to accommodate working schedules.  Don’t rack up student loan debt applying to a traditional university, join a months-long coding bootcamp, or settle for a for-profit diploma factory. Invest in your future and gain the skills you need to make your career work for you. Are you ready to learn to code?  Nashville Savvy Coders will get you started.

Our classes are held in the evenings, from 6pm-9pm from Monday through Thursday at 501 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37219.

To learn more about Savvy Coders, come to one of our free introductory sessions or speak to one of our enrollment specialists today.

Savvy Coders is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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