When Anna Carreon needed to beef up her social media skills to promote the family’s gourmet catering business she enrolled in the Savvy Coders Facebook/Social Media program.

Anna and her husband Tello own and operate Elevada by Chef Tello. Tello is a renowned Chef who helped launch nationally known St. Louis restaurant Nixta. His work has been recognized by Bob Appetit and other publications.
“The class is great and is helping me learn the basics of building a results oriented business page on Facebook. We are learning how to make our posts more attractive and learning how to analyze the most successful trends and viewer patterns.”
“I am also learning how to use impactful visual elements to tell our story and increase customer engagement.”
Anna says as an added benefit she has been able to meet other small business owners who attend the classes, exchange information, and get some key input to help her grow the business.
“Overall it is a great learning experience. I would highly recommend the Savvy Coders training to anyone who wants to improve their results on Facebook.”

Jeffrey Williams found success immediately after completing training with Savvy Coders.

A programmer with AT&T in St. Louis, he was able to put his new skills to work.
“I was able to take what I learned at Savvy Coders and use it on my job the very next week.”
“I learned how data is stored, how to better develop websites, how to improve website design and enhanced my skills for building portals for agents.”
“Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend Savvy Coders for those who want to learn or sharpen their web development skills.”