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Student Success Stories

Amy Pervorse

Before: Job Seeker
After: Customer Support Analyst
For: Intellectual Property Software Solutions

After taking my first online course on JavaScript, I knew I wanted to learn more but believed it would be beneficial to continue learning in a classroom environment.

Now I am the Customer Care Specialist for the software team at an IP management company. The Savvy Coder's class was instrumental in bringing about this opportunity for me. The skills I learned and the dedication required to complete the course allowed me to stand out as a candidate for my new position.

  • Evan Watkins

    Before: Car Wash Attendant
    After: QA Analyst
    For: Panera

    The course gave me the drive, courage, and the opportunity to change my life by opening my eyes to the possibilities in the tech field. Through my studies at Savvy Coders, I have achieved the position of a Quality Assurance Analyst at Panera Bread Company; working hand-in-hand with developers testing new and existing software.

  • Abby Kaemmerer

    Before: Research Technician
    After: Jr. Software Developer
    For: TDK
  • Amanda Engelman

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Jr. IT Analyst
    For: Express Scripts
  • Rusty Hoppins

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Developer
    For: Beanstalk Web Solutions
  • Derek Dunwiddie

    Before: IT Customer Service Consultant
    After: Quality Advocate
    For: HLK Agency
  • Floyd Crenshaw

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Business Analyst
    For: Iron Mountain
  • James Rentchler

    Before: Print Designer
    After: Digital Graphic Designer
    For: Forever Clean Gutters
  • Jasmine Banks

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: UI/UX Designer
    For: Wells Fargo
  • Trevon Burtch

    Before: Help Desk
    After: Tech Support Analyst (Tier 1)
    For: Bullhorn
  • Stephen Boyd

    Before: Assistant Rural Carrier
    After: Quality Advocate
    For: HLK
  • Amy Pervorse

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Customer Support Analyst
    For: Dennemeyer
  • Martin Holloway

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: Web Designer
    For: Cub Creek Inc.
  • Tony Bush, Jr.

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: JavaScript Engineer
    For: Liquidnet
  • Jeffrey Williams

    Before: Certified Ophthalmic Technician
    After: Software Engineer
    For: AT&T
  • Michael Kelly

    Before: FedEx
    After: IT Support Technician
    For: SLATE
  • Bala Cherukumilli

    Before: Librarian
    After: Project Manager
    For: Elsevier
  • Tyler Krszjzaniek

    Before: Healthcare Driver Specialist
    After: SITS Analyst
    For: Mars
  • Sidney Buckner

    Before: Color Guard Instructor
    After: QA Analyst
    For: Centene
  • Kai Idris

    Before: USAF
    After: Associate Consultant
    For: Polaris
  • Tori Stake

    Before: QA Coordinator
    After: QA Tester
    For: Panera
  • Travis Dellard

    Before: Assembly Line Worker
    After: Software Engineer
    For: Enterprise
  • Jamal Pryor

    Before: ATM software Deployment Manager
    After: Software Developer
    For: Bank of America
  • Phillip Temple

    Before: Hiring Manager
    After: Jr. Developer
    For: RGA
  • Melissa Pabst

    Before: QA Coordinator
    After: Selenium Automation Tester
    For: Federal Reserve
  • Dante Galindo Cruz

    Before: Professor of English
    After: Full Stack Developer
    For: Helicon
  • Wayne Lawler

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: Digital Art Director
    For: Octane Marketing
  • Jonai Whitehorn

    Before: IT Intern
    After: IT systems Analyst
    For: KPMG US
  • T'nea Mayweather

    Before: Independent Contractor
    After: Web Developer
    For: Practice Cafe
  • Sean Khottavong

    Before: Registration Technition
    After: Front-End Web Developer
    For: The Johnson Group
  • Eric Keiser

    Before: Compensation Analyst
    After: Full Stack Developer
    For: 2:34Tech
  • Michael Bryant

    Before: Insurance Agent
    After: Web Developer
    For: L2D
  • Warren Rawlings

    Before: E-Commerce Manager
    After: Graphic Web Designer
    For: Gynesus
  • John Ogunyelere

    Before: Delivery Driver
    After: IT Technician
    For: St. Louis Community College
  • Jessica Harris

    Before: Management escalations coordinator
    After: Software Developer
    For: UBS
  • Sidney Hemphill

    Before: Teaching Assistant
    After: Jr. Developer
    For: RGA
  • Evan Watkins

    Before: Car Wash Attendant
    After: QA Analyst
    For: Panera
  • Janae Johnson

    Before: Job seeker
    After: Data Analyst
    For: Panera
  • Kyle Taber

    Before: English Language Teacher
    After: Applications Developer
    For: BlueCross BlueShield
  • Raye Mayberry

    Before: Center Store Teammate
    After: Software Automation Engineer
    For: Arch DevOps, LLC
  • Stefan West

    Before: Shift Manager
    After: Community Outreach Manager
    For: Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions
  • Bradley Harper

    Before: Jobseeker
    After: Assciated System Engineer
    For: NEC
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