Savvy Coders Boot Camp

Why Use Savvy?

All of our computer coding classes are led by one of our in-person instructors in a small, focused classroom setting. We teach these courses at an accelerated pace so that after just 12 weeks’ time, our students can tackle many of the basics needed to start them on a path for coding success. Every session focuses on what you need to know (and nothing you don’t).

Our program offers coding classes for beginners or those who simply want a refresher in front end development. We teach the skills that are vital, not just for software developers, but for anyone who wishes to further their career. At Savvy Coders, we recognize the huge demand for those with coding skills and we know this demand will only increase. We help our students meet those demands. We want to help our students take control of their future, one month at a time.  If you want a quick, dynamic and hands on learning experience as you continue your study of web development … Then this course is for you!


Build A Solid Coding Foundation

What do we cover? We teach students how to structure, build, and style web pages using the most widely used programming tools:


Master the basics of semantic markup in HTML so you can create a blueprint for your site.


Learn design elements like color, typography, and layout to customize your site for its target audience.


Get an introduction to basic functionality of JavaScript, the most popular programming language on the web, and focus on the user experience as you create a site you can be proud of!

Once you have learned how to design and fine-tune your site, Savvy Coders helps you launch it so you can share your ideas with the world. To view our full curriculum click here.

Post Boot-Camp Opportunities:  In addition to our courses, we help place our graduates in internships so they can further develop their skills, and even launch a new career!

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Why Savvy Coders?

  • For Busy Adults
  • Small Class Size
  • Affordable
  • Learn The Skills You Need to Earn More
  • Taught by industry software developers.

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