Our Curriculum

Savvy Coders offers a smart, rapid-paced, and tested approach to teaching the fundamentals of coding in a hands-on setting for adults. To understand how we create such value for our students, one has only to look at our coding class curriculum. We offer a great deal of information and value to our students. This, in tandem with one-on-one time with our instructors, allows us to create savvy coders in just ten weeks.

Fundamentals of computing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • How to use the terminal
  • Basic markdown
  • Interacting with the DOM
  • HTML tags and structure
  • CSS Styling
  • Version control with git and Github
  • Basic JavaScript fundamentals

Object-oriented JavaScript, use JavaScript to delve deeper into the industry standard of code design through Objects while
building your portfolio

  • Object creation and manipulation
  • Extending Objects through inheritance
  • Using Objects in software
  • Mastering Chrome Developer Tools
  • Building a fully-functional website for your portfolio

Functional JavaScript, key principles of programming with the language of the Web

  • Library usage with underscore.js
  • Advanced variable and function use
  • JavaScript/browser interactions through the DOM
  • Adding a web interactively with JQuery
  • Implementing video and audio through HTML5
  • Design principles for the Web and software design and testing
  • Design for SEO and social media marketing

Advanced Implementation and Web APIs, build applications for larger-scale deployment and connect to other parts of the Web through APIs

  • Adding geolocation functionality with Google Maps API
  • Implementing secure payment processing with Stripe
  • Building your own APIs
  • Deploying applications on a large scale
  • Using backend-as-a-service
  • Responsive website design
  • Agile Certification
  • Business concepts, 5 sectors, associated opportunity
  • Business Finance
  • Business Operations
  • JSON, Trello, Node.js/Express.js, UI/UX
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku

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