Savvy Coders Partners

Tech Town Foundation 

Savvy Coders is proud to be a partner to Tech Town Foundation, a Chattanooga nonprofit whose mission  is dedicated to cultivating and inspiring the next generation of innovators—our youth. Designed for children across all skill levels and demographics from ages 7 to 17, TechTown is a place where kids discover, learn, and explore.

Savvy Coders and TTF together are providing technical education to inspire and teach budding front end web developers.  The Savvy Coders class is taught in a classroom setting with experienced instructors makes all the difference in teasing out technical competencies held by so many.  Several graduates of the inaugural program are in IT related jobs made possible by their completion of TWP.


Savvy Coders is excited to be partnering with Covalence in Nashville and Chattanooga. Covalence offers a 10 week bootcamp in full stack development, taught from 9-5 daily.  The Covalence class is perfect for Savvy Coders graduates who are ready to dive into a fully immersive, full stack program and learning back end and front end development along the way.

In partnership with Covalence, Savvy Coders can help to meet the needs of almost any student in the Nashville and Chattanooga areas. Working in tandem these two schools can help students who have full or part-time availability, opening opportunities into the technology sector.


Savvy Coders has partnered with the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment, SLATE to deliver coding instruction to adults interested in adding technology skills to their resume.  SLATE is a government agency that offers job seekers and local businesses a variety of no cost services related to employment, job training and career advancement.

Qualified applicants have an opportunity to be sponsored by SLATE. Together, we’ve offered courses to individuals at a variety of income-levels, working closely with them to master the modern technology skills they need to get ahead. We have a passion for educating people in our community and giving them skills that will improve their job prospects in the future. And we’re not done yet! Stay tuned to our site for updated programs and events.

If you are interested in partnering with Savvy Coders to help advance technology in your community, we want to hear from you. Please contact our CEO, Elaine Queathem, today.