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Student Success Stories

  • Rich Allen

    Before: Project Manager
    After: Systems Analyst
    For: RGA

    I have been in the field of Information Technology for 13 years, but I’ve always been reactive on the infrastructure side.  I wanted to build something and become proactive and felt coding was the answer.  I needed to learn modern processes and update my skillset but being a parent of 2 active boys I wanted a fast-paced program.  I researched many programs but felt Savvy Coders was the best fit based on community presence and great reviews.  The training I had in the boot camp enabled me to land a challenging development opportunity!

  • Brooklynn McDade

    Before:Operations Manager
    After:Entry Level Test Engineering Associate
    For: Accenture Federal Services
  • Martin Carriel

    Before:Curriculum Specialist
    For: Blue Stingray
  • Frank Feliciano

    After:Systems Platform Architect
    For: MasterCard
  • Lauren Lazzaro

    Before:Executive Assistant
    After:SalesForce Associate
    For:Accenture Federal Services
  • John Ogunyelere

    After:Security Engineer
    For: MasterCard
  • Asma Charef

    Before:Bilingual Customer Care Rep
    After:Front End Web Developer
    For: Caleres
  • Drake Smelser

    Before:Optical Supervisor
    After:Sales Manager
    For: Warby Parker
  • Rich Allen

    Before:Project Manager
    After:Systems Analyst
    For: RGA
  • Arthur Caine

    After:Remote Service Tech
    For: NuMotion
  • Savion Amerson

    After:Remote Service Tech
    For: NuMotion
  • Lillian D. Blair

    After:Remote Service Tech
    For: NuMotion
  • Evan LeNoir

    Before: Inventory Specialist
    After: Remote Service Tech
    For: NuMotion
  • Nichole Herrington

    Before: Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher
    After: Cyber Security Operations Center Analyst
    For: Ameren
  • Jasmine Banks

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: UI/UX Designer
    For: Wells Fargo
  • Molly Bick

    Before: Beauty Consultant
    After: Listing and Marketing Coordinator
    For: ReMAX Results
  • Madison Ryan

    Before: Behaviorial Health Quality Specialist
    After: Data Analyst
    For: Washington University
  • Cameron Brantley

    Before: Middle School Teacher
    After: Information Technology Associate I
    For: UNCOMN
  • Andrew Harper

    Before: United States Air Force
    After: F-18 Lab Tech
    For: Boeing
  • Bradley Harper

    Before: Jobseeker
    After: Assciated System Engineer
    For: NEC
  • Trevon Burtch

    Before: Help Desk
    After: Tech Support Analyst (Tier 1)
    For: Bullhorn
  • Dinko Karamfilov

    Before: Customer Service
    After: Informations Tech Specialist
    For: HomeWav
  • Stephen Field

    After: Strategy and Program Management Consultant
    For: The Field Group, Ltd.
  • Amanda Engelman

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Jr. IT Analyst
    For: Express Scripts
  • Tony Bush, Jr.

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: JavaScript Engineer
    For: Liquidnet
  • Derek Dunwiddie

    Before: IT Customer Service Consultant
    After: Quality Advocate
    For: HLK Agency
  • Rusty Hoppins

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Developer
    For: Beanstalk Web Solutions
  • Brandon Bunch

    Before: Installation Technician
    After: Jr. Full Stack Software Developer
    For: InSequence, Inc
  • Amy Pervorse

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Customer Support Analyst
    For: Dennemeyer
  • Stephen Boyd

    Before: Assistant Rural Carrier
    After: Quality Advocate
    For: HLK
  • Floyd Crenshaw

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Business Analyst
    For: Iron Mountain
  • James Rentchler

    Before: Print Designer
    After: Digital Graphic Designer
    For: Forever Clean Gutters
  • Zhana Liner

    Before: Job Seeker
    After: Full-stack Software Engineer
    For: Viabl
  • Jeffrey Williams

    Before: Certified Ophthalmic Technician
    After: Software Engineer
    For: AT&T
  • Tyler Krszjzaniek

    Before: Healthcare Driver Specialist
    After: SITS Analyst
    For: Mars
  • Martin Holloway

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: Web Designer
    For: Cub Creek Inc.
  • Michael Kelly

    Before: FedEx
    After: IT Support Technician
    For: SLATE
  • Bala Cherukumilli

    Before: Librarian
    After: Project Manager
    For: Elsevier
  • Tori Stake

    Before: QA Coordinator
    After: QA Tester
    For: Panera
  • Kai Idris

    Before: USAF
    After: Associate Consultant
    For: Polaris
  • Sidney Buckner

    Before: Color Guard Instructor
    After: QA Analyst
    For: Centene
  • Jamal Pryor

    Before: ATM software Deployment Manager
    After: Software Developer
    For: Bank of America
  • Wayne Lawler

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: Digital Art Director
    For: Octane Marketing
  • Melissa Pabst

    Before: QA Coordinator
    After: Selenium Automation Tester
    For: Federal Reserve
  • Travis Dellard

    Before: Assembly Line Worker
    After: Software Engineer
    For: Enterprise
  • Dante Galindo Cruz

    Before: Professor of English
    After: Full Stack Developer
    For: Helicon
  • Eric Keiser

    Before: Compensation Analyst
    After: Full Stack Developer
    For: 2:34Tech
  • T'nea Mayweather

    Before: Independent Contractor
    After: Web Developer
    For: Practice Cafe
  • Phillip Temple

    Before: Hiring Manager
    After: Jr. Developer
    For: RGA
  • Sean Khottavong

    Before: Registration Technition
    After: Front-End Web Developer
    For: The Johnson Group
  • Sidney Hemphill

    Before: Teaching Assistant
    After: Jr. Developer
    For: RGA
  • Jonai Whitehorn

    Before: IT Intern
    After: IT systems Analyst
    For: KPMG US
  • Warren Rawlings

    Before: E-Commerce Manager
    After: Graphic Web Designer
    For: Gynesus
  • John Ogunyelere

    Before: Delivery Driver
    After: IT Technician
    For: St. Louis Community College
  • Evan Watkins

    Before: Car Wash Attendant
    After: QA Analyst
    For: Panera
  • Michael Bryant

    Before: Insurance Agent
    After: Web Developer
    For: L2D
  • Jessica Harris

    Before: Management escalations coordinator
    After: Software Developer
    For: UBS
  • Janae Johnson

    Before: Job seeker
    After: Data Analyst
    For: Panera
  • Raye Mayberry

    Before: Center Store Teammate
    After: Software Automation Engineer
    For: Arch DevOps, LLC
  • Stefan West

    Before: Shift Manager
    After: Community Outreach Manager
    For: Metropolitan Strategies and Solutions
  • Malcolm Johnson

    Before: Graphic Designer
    After: UI/UX Designer
    For: H&L Partners
  • Kyle Taber

    Before: English Language Teacher
    After: Applications Developer
    For: BlueCross BlueShield
  • George Blezard

    Before: Recruiter
    After: Customer Service Liason
    For: HomeTraq
  • Damian Clay-Downing

    Before: Retail
    After: IT Service Desk
    For: Centene Corporation
  • Nathaniel Hudson

    Before: Food Service
    After: Educational Software Trainer
    For: STL County Public Health and Human Services