Chaquita Johnson-Moore, St. Louis

I don’t feel intimidated to ask questions, and it was stated from the very beginning that the staff was available for us when we needed it.

The way the class is conducted, people feel comfortable asking for help. They really help you work it out. I think that style in itself, especially due to the short timeframe, really helps the accelerated learning.

Shawon, St. Louis

This is a great program that will dive deep into what Front end web development is all about! They have a great support if you are struggling with the material and give great lectures. You will learn a lot of material and Build a project ready to be showcased. I highly recommend this Boot camp if you want best understanding of web development. I am proud to be a Savvy Coder Alumni!

Amy, Chattanooga

I had a business administration and marketing background but was unemployed and wanted to explore new avenues. Once I fell in love with coding, I took advantage of every possible learning resource I could find. I took online courses, followed and read programming blogs and articles, and attended developer meetups.

After taking my first online course on JavaScript, I knew I wanted to learn more but believed it would be beneficial to continue learning in a classroom environment.

Now I am the Customer Care Specialist for the software team at an IP management company. The Savvy Coder’s class was instrumental in bringing about this opportunity for me. The skills I learned and the dedication required to complete the course allowed me to stand out as a candidate for my new position.

I would absolutely recommend this class to others who are interested in learning coding. I know it would help anyone who wants to improve or change their career, build their own website or just learn a new hobby.

Wayne, Nashville

I actually didn’t realize the information was sticking until about 2 weeks into the class I opened a website I was working on for a client, and all of a sudden I knew exactly what all of the lines of code meant and I had the basic understanding of how I could manipulate each line.  I become so enveloped in learning the definitions, keywords, functions, arguments, etc.. that until I could take a step back, I didn’t realize how much information they were able to teach within just a two week period.  So four weeks later when I was officially done with the course and I opened the same project, no longer was I overwhelmed with a mass of code, everything made sense.  Savvy Coders packed a great amount of necessary coding information into 7 weeks, and they did it exceeding all of my expectations

Ellen, Nashville

I currently work as a freelance web designer for custom built websites and used to work with a programmer that handled all of the advanced code, but now I’ve gone off on my own.  While I am familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, I wanted to learn jQuery, JavaScript, and the more advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3 to stay competitive.  While the Savvy Coders class was intense I was able to learn all I wanted and more to be relevant and competitive as a web designer.

David, Nashville

I’ve always done sales, most recently technology sales, but it’s never been completely satisfying. What I’ve discovered is that it’s the technology that’s exciting. So, I decided to look at a career change which involved exploring how I could become a coder. I tried a few online courses, but I was frustrated because I did not develop a clear understanding of JavaScript and how it played into the entire suite of applications wanted to get into a full stack coding bootcamp and wanted to get a head start. Savvy Coders was just what I was looking for. The class provided a great crash course and gave me a very solid foundation upon which to build. It really increased my confidence and I would recommend it to anyone considering a career change.