Choosing the right coding program is important and Savvy Coders values absolute transparency. Do you have questions? We want to answer them so you can feel 100% confident in your decision. Below are a selection of commonly asked questions. Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem. Our enrollment specialists are always happy to answer your questions. Contact us today.

Admissions Process

Do I have to apply to get in?

We do require our students apply for acceptance to our school. We do this for two really important reasons. The first, we want to make sure that everyone that attends our school has the right aptitude for our classes. At Savvy Coders we want all of our graduates to be ready for success and our application process is geared to gauge the student's ability to thrive in our program.

We also need to ensure that our class sizes stay small so our instructors have time for one-on-one interaction. Our application process allows us to segment our students accordingly.

How long is the admissions process?

Students typically hear back from us in two to three business days. We are typically able to place students within a week of their application.

How much prior experience is required to be accepted?

None! We are an introductory coding bootcamp designed to help total novices gear up and get ready to code. We cover the basics for those with little to no coding knowledge whatsoever. We also work as a refresher course for those with more experience but for whom coding has become a lost skill. It’s always a good idea to spend some time with online programs like Code Academy www.codcademy.com to familiarize yourself with the syntax of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This pre-knowledge will allow you to hit the ground running when class begins.


How can I pay?

We accept cash, check or credit card payable before class begins. We also work with employers who have professional development programs for their employees, offering the necessary documentation as required by the respective companies.

Does Savvy Coders offer any financial aid or payment plans?

Savvy Coders will allow students to pay with 3 installments - to reserve your spot , on the first day of class, and finally, a final payment 4 weeks later. For specific pricing, please contact us!


What equipment do I need to bring?

You need a laptop that's able to run a modern browser. It can be Mac, Linux, or Windows... just no Chromebooks, please. And that's it!

What does the typical class look like?

The entire class curriculum is made accessible to students on the first day of class and we have each student participate in our class slack channel, this allows for instructor to student communicate during and outside of class hours. On day one, students create their own github profile, which they will contribute to throughout class.

We start class with a preview of what’s going to be covered for that class and at the beginning of each class we do a review of what was covered in the class the time before.  We include hack a thons where everyone participates of a project.  Most of the material is taught via examples and projects.


How long is the course?

We offer a ten week boot camp in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Generally, classes will be held during the week from 6pm-9pm.

Where does the class material come from? How do I know it works?

Class materials from Savvy Coders are the product of a team effort! The framework for the class comes from one of the nation's top full-time bootcamps. Our curriculum partner has a 99% placement rate for full-time JavaScript developers, with an average starting salary of $105,000/yr. We've worked together to create the introductory course that we're offering for those folks that aren't yet ready for full-time programs.

General Questions

Where are your classes held?

We are proud to host classes in Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis.

Our St. Louis, Missouri classes are held at CIC Cortex, located at 4220 Duncan Ave, St. Louis MO 63110

Our Nashville, Tennesee classes are held at Refinery Nashville, 438 Houston St. Ste. 263, Nashville, TN 37203

Our Chattanooga classes are held in cooperation with The Edney Innovation Center ,1100 Market Street 5th Floor, Chattanooga, TN 37402

When are your classes held?

Generally, classes will be held Monday-Thursday from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm.

We have over two months of materials to cover, and we're committed to making sure that all class times do not conflict with working hours. This may mean that classes will be held on Saturday to make up for lost time. All schedules will be officially sent out to students before classes start.

Do I get a diploma for attending Savvy Coders?

Our graduates graduate from our bootcamp with an understanding of JavaScript and a portfolio to highlight said knowledge. Our students can walk into an interview with examples of their work. We do supply graduates with a certificate of completion.

Is this for me?

Yes! If you can type, have your own laptop, and are excited by the idea of guided technology work, then you've come to the right place.

No previous programming experience is required.

This course is for folks that work during the day or aren't yet ready to commit to a full career change into software engineering. You will, however, be ready to build a killer website, display your work in a public portfolio, and understand the front-end of web development. All of these things will make you a top candidate with the best bootcamps in Nashville and around the country if you choose to pursue programming as a career.

Do you offer corporate training programs?

We would be happy to talk with your leadership about offering a course specifically-tailored for your workgroup.  Please reach out to Elaine Queathem at [email protected].