Hire Our Grads

Looking for a more tech-savvy workforce?

Have you ever considered how Savvy Coders graduates can help round out your team?

Savvy Coders Grads have the skills to add value and energy to your business.

At Savvy Coders, we pride ourselves in the quality of graduates that we produce. Our students are armed with the skilled needed to conquer coding projects immediately. Our specialized and in person training gives us the opportunity to nurture each students unique attributes and tackle any questions they have. As such, we create Savvy Coders that can tackle programming projects intelligently and efficiently; two skills that are in high demand in any industry.

Savvy Coders Graduates Work!

Many of our students currently work in programming or related fields and are simply looking for enhanced skills. Others, however, are interested in finding jobs and/or internships in coding. These are well trained, highly motivated, adults who want to make an impact in programming.

Are you interested in working with a Savvy Coders graduate? We have several opportunities for businesses to meet with our students. Stay tuned to our calendar of events for upcoming demo days. These are informal networking opportunities in which our students showcase their skills; hosted at the conclusion of each class. For more immediate needs, contact Elaine today.