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Savvy Coders graduates have the skills to add value and energy to your business.

At Savvy Coders, we pride ourselves on the quality of graduates that we produce. Our students are equipped with the skills needed to conquer coding projects immediately. Our specialized and in-person training allows us to nurture each student’s unique attributes and tackle any questions they have. As such, we create Savvy Coders that can tackle programming projects intelligently and efficiently; two skills that are in high demand in any industry.

Check Out Our Available Graduates!

Claire Luning

Monical Gillespie

LaTanya Ivy

Gary Lewman

Donald Cole

Kisha Martin

Paige Hicks

Hoan Bui

Craig S. Scott, E.I.T

Cody Nix

John O'Loughlin

Luidgi Beauzile

Alexander Adler

Olajuwon Davis

Jobe Alabdali

Sridevi Kalagara

Brian Kimbrow

Anthony Tuzzo

Jennifer Bagwell

Minh Tran

Traci Black

Amy Klostermann

Tracie Walka

Nathan Sampson

Jeffery McMillian

David Kemp

Jason Brandenburger

Jermell Howard, Jr.

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