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  • Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp – $8,500
  • Data Analytics + Python Boot Camp – $8,500
  • Cybersecurity + Ops Boot Camp – $14,500


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Savvy Coders wishes to honor the memory of Summer Richards by announcing the Summer Richards Memorial Scholarship.

Summer Mercedes Richards was born on November 18, 1997 in Belleville, Illinois. After graduating, Summer worked for T-mobile where she developed a passion for technology, which led her to seek opportunities to grow within the field. In October 2018, Summer attended the Full Stack Web Development cohort that led to an opportunity at Panera Bread Co. when she graduated. In addition, Summer was also an an entrepreneur with two businesses: Doctor IOS and Summer Richards Photography.

The Summer Richards Memorial scholarship exists to honor her life and to encourage those who share her passion for technology to continue in their studies in their pending careers. Summer leaves behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others’ needs before her own. Recognized for her abilities to bring about the best in others, Summer’s talents to help others less fortunate will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.

Apply for the scholarship here.



A student with a grievance against a member of the faculty, another student or the school, should initially take the matter to:

Elaine Queathem – CEO

20 S. Sarah St, St. Louis, MO 63108


(314) 283-0006


The Formal Grievance Procedure should include:

1) A formal grievance is a complaint in writing from the student to the director of the program. The written complaint should be filed within two months of the event to which it refers and should include the following, as appropriate:
a. Statement of the allegation.
b. Description of the alleged facts.
c. Summary of steps they already have taken in attempt to resolve the problem.
d. Name/s of the person/s thought to be responsible for the alleged events
e. Other facts considered to be pertinent to the case.
f. Signature of the person initiating the complaint.

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