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Savvy Financing Options

Savvy Coders Payment Plans

  • Interest-Free

  • Payable by: Check (fee free), Zelle (fee free), PayPal (3% fee)

For more information, contact:

    • Justin – you can also call him at 770-301-2937

Ascent Funding Loans

  • 36-month payment plans
  • Low and affordable payments
  • Quick and easy application with approval in as little as 5 minutes with NO impact on your credit
  • 3 different payback options – (listed below)
  • Immediate Repayment to begin approx 1 month after cohort start
  • Interest-Only Repayment to begin approx at cohort start
  • Deferred Payment to begin 3 months after cohort ends.

For more information and to apply go to: Ascent Savvy Funding.

Summer Richards Memorial Scholarship for Full Stack Web Development Students

Savvy Coders wishes to honor the memory of Summer Richards by announcing the Summer Richards Memorial Scholarship.

Summer Mercedes Richards was born on November 18, 1997 in Belleville, Illinois. After graduating, Summer worked for T-mobile where she developed a passion for technology, which led her to seek opportunities to grow within the field. In October 2018, Summer attended the Full Stack Web Development cohort that led to an opportunity at Panera Bread Co. when she graduated. In addition, Summer was also an an entrepreneur with two businesses: Doctor IOS and Summer Richards Photography.

The Summer Richards Memorial scholarship exists to honor her life and to encourage those who share her passion for technology to continue in their studies in their pending careers. Summer leaves behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others’ needs before her own. Recognized for her abilities to bring about the best in others, Summer’s talents to help others less fortunate will be memorialized through the recipient of this scholarship.

Apply for the scholarship here.


UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation (LETC)

  • H1-B One Workforce Grant
    • $4.5 M awarded and managed by LETC for individuals who are unemployed or underemployed (part-time) 

For more information check out their website

To see if you are qualified, please contact us.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Missouri (WIOA)

  • For dislocated workers, unemployed/underemployed and veterans.

For more information check out their website


  • 715 Northwest Plaza Drive, St. Ann, Missouri 63074
  • 212 Turner Blvd, St. Peters, Missouri 63376
  • 101 Park De Ville Dr. Suite E, Columbia, Missouri 65203

Vocational Rehabilitation – St. Louis

  • For individuals receiving Disability and seeking to grow their skills to re-enter the workforce or up-skill in their current position.

For more information check out their website

Full Employment Council of Kansas City American Job Center (KECKC)

  • For dislocated workers, unemployed/underemployed and veterans

For more information check out their website.

For locations check this page out


CHATTANOOGA MidCumberland WorkForce Services

  • America Job Center Location: 5600 Brainerd Road, Suite A-5, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Fund

  • Funds for dislocated workers, unemployed/underemployed and veterans.

For more information check out their website

SNAPS Program Funding

  • Funding for training for eligible participants.

For more information check out their website


  • Davidson County Workforce Innovation Opportunity of America Adult & Dislocated Worker Program : 665 Mainstream Dr, Nashville, Tennessee 37243
  • Savvy Coders is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.
  • In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Savvy Coders, please visit Authorized Institutions and Data (


  • Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp – $7000
  • Data Analytics + Python Boot Camp – $8500
  • Cybersecurity + Ops Boot Camp – $14,500

Ready to Get started?

We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12 weeks.

Questions? Reach out to Justin at 770-301-2937