Are you a Veteran? We can help with a grant.

Veterans have learned discipline, teamwork, problem-solving, and tenacity during their time in the armed services and Coast Guard. Whether you’ve separated from the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard, employers want to hire veterans. If you know how to code and are a veteran, you move to the front of the line.

Savvy Coders wants to help our nation’s veterans learn valuable, in-demand coding skills. We can help you transition into great civilian or government careers with unlimited potential and currently have identified a particular grant that is set up to pay for your Savvy Coders Bootcamp!

There are over a million software development jobs that go unfilled every year in the US, and an estimated 10,000 jobs go unfilled in Missouri alone. Employers wanted skilled coding talent, and they want it now! Software and tech are everywhere. These are jobs that are not going away, and they’re virtually recession-proof.

We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12-20 weeks.

Questions? Reach out to Justin at 770-301-2937