Skills to survive a Coding Bootcamp

Be Curious Click on EVERYTHING Command line is basically the old DOS prompt (seriously it took me FOREVER to realize that) Keep being curious! Forge Bonds with others in your cohort, (I liked [...]

Careers in Technology: UX Designer

UX Designer is another career path you can start after attending the ten-week boot camp at Savvy Coders. User Experience (UX) Designers job descriptions can vary from one company to another, [...]

Our Goals

Savvy Coders’ mission statement is very clear – make the tech field accessible to everyone. This blog and the ones that follow will give you a better understanding of what we do as a [...]

4 Pieces of Advice from Women in Tech

4 Pieces of Advice from Women in Tech The lack of diversity in the technology field has been well-documented. On average, women make up just a third of the tech workforce. And in many firms, the [...]

Tips For Beginners

Tips for Beginners This is a guest post written by our intern Adam Holt. Follow along as he learns more about programming for the very first time Some people seem to be born to program. Hard work [...]

The Dangers of Getting SASSy

The Dangers of Getting SASSy Or, with great power comes great responsibility This post is part of Savvy Tips, a series of technical posts about how to improve your skills as a developer, written [...]