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Spectrum Hires Savvy Data Analyst

Sheila is a double threat!  She has several years of coding experience and was one of the first students to complete our first Data Analytics + Python Boot Camp. Her amazing Capstone Project highlighted her Python and Tableau presentation skills.  After the cohort, she received her Tableau certification after studying many hours and taking, what some consider, to be a

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Savvy Grad Hired on at Leidos

David Rodriguez is deeply passionate about connecting people. If he can help, he likely will! To describe him best would be to say that he is a dedicated problem solver. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and evolve, and he embraces each one that comes his way. When asked about how his brain works, David says it works in

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Code Fellows partners with St.Louis-based Savvy Coders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 19, 2021 Code Fellows partners with St.Louis-based Savvy Coders  Bringing rewarding careers to underrepresented minorities St.Louis, MO — Seattle-based Code Fellows partners with St.Louis-based Savvy Coders to help underrepresented minorities obtain the skills they need to find rewarding careers in tech. Individuals from all skill levels and backgrounds will be provided industry-relevant vocational training with the

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Accenture brings on SavvyCoders Grad

Shonda has a medical background and she gets the chance to work with many people and personalities. She will miss the connection that she has with the patients, but changing careers will let her put her problem-solving skills, team building, and creativity to use in different ways. She is very inquisitive and likes to see how things work.  We are

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Accenture Hires SavvyCoders Grad as ServiceNow Associate

Claire loves taking issues and unwinding them. A constant learner who is diving into additional learning, even while attending the boot camp. Loves to have goals to meet and exceed! Wants to transition into a career in tech for a more dynamic environment with an emphasis on collaborative teamwork. We are happy to report that Claire is starting her IT career with Accenture as a ServiceNow Associate in July!

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Landing a ServiceNow Developer Job

Kudos to Savvy Coders for providing such an immersive and inclusive learning experience. It’s astonishing how quickly they are able to cultivate a strong understanding and competency of the development process. I am still in disbelief that I was able to come from zero experience with development and be at the level I am today. Just a short time after

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We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12 weeks.

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