Full Stack Web Development

A 12-week program that enables you to design complete web applications and websites. You will also be able to work on the frontend, backend, database, and debugging of web applications or websites.

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Not sure about coding yet?

Follow this link to begin a self-paced, 13 module overview of Front End web development, complete with coding exercises to help you get some exposure and decide if this is something you could get excited about making a career of!

Already excited to make the leap? Read on to learn more about our Full Stack Web Development boot camp…

Over an intense 12 weeks, students will be taken from knowing just a few basics of web development to being fully qualified for junior developer positions. 

The technical portion of our 12-week core curriculum starts by teaching students all about web/software development tooling. This would include version control, text editors, and shell commands. Students start by learning Markdown. Next students apply modern HTML/CSS to create responsive website layouts. From then on, we focus on JS – DOM interactions, managing collections of data by composing functions, receiving data from an API, and converting a traditional static site into a Single Page Application.   After learning how to create and manage a web-page on the front end, students will then learn to create a Node.js API server. They will use this server to manage long-term data storage via MongoDB. By the end, students leave with a full comprehension of how to develop, build, deploy, and iterate forward over state-driven, single-page web apps in a production setting.

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What You'll Learn

To Include, but not limited to: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Basic Markdown, Interacting with the DOM, Git & Github, AGILE (Certification), Netlify for frontend deployment, Render backend deployment, Node.js/Express, MongoDB

Fundamentals of computing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • How to use the terminal
  • Basic markdown
  • Interacting with the DOM
  • HTML tags and structure
  • CSS Styling
  • Version control with git and Github
  • Basic JavaScript fundamentals

Object-oriented JavaScript, use JavaScript to delve deeper into the industry standard of code design through Objects while building your portfolio

  • Object creation and manipulation
  • Extending Objects through inheritance
  • Using Objects in software
  • Mastering Chrome Developer Tools
  • Building a fully-functional website for your portfolio

Functional JavaScript, key principles of programming with the language of the Web

  • Advanced variable and function use
  • JavaScript/browser interactions through the DOM
  • Adding a web interactively with native JavaScript
  • Design principles for the Web and software design and testing
  • UI/UX Design principles

Advanced Implementation and Web APIs, build applications for larger-scale deployment and connect to other parts of the Web through APIs

  • Building your own APIs
  • Deploying applications both locally and to the Cloud including Render & Netlify
  • Using backend-as-a-service
  • Responsive website design
  • Fundamentals of Agile Certification through ICAgile which includes Jira and Scrum Simulations
  • JSON, Trello, Node.js/Express.js, UI/UX
  • Cloud-based NoSQL database implementations using MongoDB, Atlas

Prior Knowledge Requirements

  • No prior knowledge of coding is required
  • Strong sense of curiosity
  • The ability to see things through, “Not giving up!”
  • Good presentation and communication skills

*Preparatory study is required to be completed for admission into the course. A list of the required prep work can be found here. 

Course Length, Time, & Location

  • 12 weeks
  • Evening Class – Currently all Virtual
  • 160 hours of class time

Class Size

Students Maximum

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Meet Your Advisor
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Attend a Class Preview
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Finish Prep Study Materials
Complete the required prep work to get up-to-speed for the bootcamp and finalize your admissions process.
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We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12-20 weeks.

Questions? Reach us at 314-301-9245