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Full Stack Development

During this 12-week, virtual evening course, students will be taken from knowing just a few basics of web development to being fully qualified for junior developer positions. 

Data Analytics + Python

This intensive 12-week, virtual evening course focused primarily on learning everything there is to know about analyzing big datasets efficiently. Students will begin by knowing just the basics of coding and/or data analysis techniques to become fully qualified for a Data Analyst position. 

Cybersecurity + Ops

Ready to enter the world of Cybersecurity? Learn all about it in just 20 weeks during our virutal, evening cours and be one step closer to a career in this exciting field. With trained and knowledgeable instructors, students will take classes at an accelerated pace so they can start their new careers after only 20 weeks!


Join our alumni who have landed jobs in tech!

Bri'Anna Tolliver
I was ready to give up on pursuing a job in tech when my new landlord told me about Savvy Coders and helped me get connected. I had already done another bootcamp, been rejected from multiple jobs and still didn't feel confident in my skills. Before the first class of Savvy Coders ever started, I was challenged to learn web development basics. And when it started, I was challenged to manage my time, think critically, meet deadlines and push myself to do a project that I never thought I could do. The teachers and TA's were amazing, encouraging and helpful. Savvy also provided me with my first ever job mentor- Laurie Wilson- who helped me in every step of the job process. With all the help I had, I overcame every obstacle I faced and graduated with the confidence to get a job. I got my first tech job offer-EVER- today at a company that I didn't know was my dream company and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you to all the people who make Savvy Coders awesome! I also must mention the classmates I met and the amazing connections I made through mock interviews that are the reasons for the job I was offered today. Words can't explain how much I have grown as a person and a professional over these past few months. It was a 3-month sacrifice and I know my life is changed forever. -Bir'Ana
Pigeon Hawkins
SavvyCoders allowed me to take an interest or dream to work within the IT field and turn it into a reality by educating my cohort in a variety of different technical applications and coding languages ranging from Python to SQL database queries. After graduation from the course, I got several job offers and was able to really zero in on where I thought I'd be a great fit for a new company. Luckily, I got hired to work on a team that focuses on the quality and management of data coming in from a huge supply chain so I've been introduced to so many topics and fields unknown to me prior. SavvyCoders really lit my path and changed my career trajectory so I am incredibly grateful to their team for boosting me to new heights! -Pigeon
Nate Hessler (3)
I went to a 4 year university and majored in business but had no real passion after graduating. I’ve always had interest in tech which led me to do research on software development, which ultimately led me to Savvy Coders. It was the best career decision I’ve ever made. I landed a job in tech about halfway through my cohort. The curriculum and staff are amazing and it will instantly make you employable with good pay. It is a massive time and energy commitment, but it is worth it. Be willing to put in the work and take time outside of class to learn and practice the material. I can’t recommend Savvy Coders enough. - Nate Hessler
Tiffany Asbell
"I had no previous experience with IT or software development, just a curious fascination. I researched many courses and never found one that met my needs. Until Savvy Coders. The program gives you a great start in what is looked for and built upon in the industry. The staff truly know how to support and direct you. Laurie, Stephanie and Mat really made the 12 weeks so much better. Without Laurie I don't know where I would be. They all believe in you and your potential even when you don't believe in yourself. I'm excited to see the development of my career. Thanks Savvy!" -Tiffany

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