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Alumni Stories

Gainsight lands Savvy Grad

What’s interesting about me joining Savvy Coders is, when I was starting community college, I took an aptitude test to see what career path might be right for me. My

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Alumni Stories

CrossVue Welcomes Savvy Grad

Tiffany is a lifelong learner and she is not afraid to ask why. She enjoys watching Youtube videos to further her knowledge of coding languages, frameworks, and web development.  Savvy Coders

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Alumni Stories

Accenture Hires on Savvy Grad

Tyler is looking for a career where he can use a combination of skills that he has learned from previous opportunities.  Tyler likes making something out of nothing, ground up

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Alumni Stories

Savvy Grad Gets Dream Job

Mike is a two-time Savvy Coder!  He is an energetic professional that enjoys working with others to create successful solutions in a practical and efficient manner.  A self-taught infrastructure IT Support

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Janae Johnson

Data Analyst

Tyler Krszjzaniek

SITS Analyst

Malcolm Johnson

UI/UX Designer

Nichole Herrington

Cyber Security Center Operation Analyst

We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12-20 weeks.

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