Getting Hooked on Coding

Hi! I’m Julie Hudson, one of the students in the newest Savvy Coders bootcamp cohort. If you’ve ever wondered what may be in store for you at Savvy Coders, this is for you! Over the next 12 weeks, I’ll share some of my experiences with you here. 

Let’s talk initial impressions. Savvy Coders offered a free interactive Meetup to learn about JavaScript and careers in coding. During that session, I was struck by how kind and friendly the instructors were. The instructors kept the event on track while maintaining a casual tone and interacting with the participants. 

I was hooked.

As I have become more familiar with different instructors and staff at Savvy, one theme reverberates: Dedication. The team at Savvy Coders is dedicated to helping students succeed. Every person has made it clear that they are available and how to get ahold of them. Instructors have pointed students in the direction of the person best equipped to handle the specific issue they have, and everyone has responded quickly to any questions the students have posed. Savvy Coders even has someone on staff to help their students find employment. 

Deciding to change careers from communications to technology is exciting – and a little scary! Every step of the way, I have been impressed with the Savvy team. I know I’m in the right place at Savvy Coders.

We endeavor to give back to our communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. We designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow our students to expand their professional horizons in 12 weeks.